October 8-9, 2019


Taking a Collaborative Approach

Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Prepare for Imminent DSCSA Regulations

Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain is the definitive event for all key stakeholders across the supply chain to forge a path for collaboration and adoption of this transformative technology. Consortium and tech-agnostic, this conference provides a neutral platform for cross-community sharing of PoCs and discussion about the common challenges facing all blockchain implementation projects.

In its 2nd year, we will continue our deep-dive and focussed discussion for active implementers and those preparing to embark on their blockchain journey. 2018 was the year of PoCs and the rise of consortia. 2019 will be the year of getting blockchain out of the lab and into business.

With our focus on business application, key discussion points to look forward to include:

  • Taking a business-solution approach to developing PoCs
  • PoC evaluation, learnings, successes and failures
  • Governance, regulation and legal considerations of Smart Contracts
  • Data management, standardisation, IP and privacy
  • Interoperability, scalability and security

If you have a project, PoC or innovation you would like to be considered for the 2019 conference please email louise.booth@hansonwade.com

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"Great conference for networking and focusing on the practical aspects of deploying blockchain"- Novartis

“It was a collaborative and informative conference that showed where the experience of the industry was shared as a whole and presented many innovative ideas and realistic challenges that will have to be overcome through strategic planning” - GSK