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Taking a Collaborative Approach

Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Prepare for Imminent DSCSA Regulations

Given the new legal imperatives of DSCSA set for 2023, the pharma industry must act now to ensure traceability, authenticity and safety across its supply chain. Blockchain offers a solution that not only meets these requirements, but generates cost and time efficiencies. The question doesn’t seem to be whether blockchain will happen, but when.

Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain will bring together all key stakeholders across the supply chain to forge a path for collaboration and adoption of this transformative technology.

Whether you’re still exploring the potential of blockchain or are actively working on use cases, take away practical implementation guidance to:

  • Leverage the potential of blockchain and identify opportunities that generate the greatest ROI
  • Create a roadmap for blockchain adoption to meet imminent DSCSA requirements
  • Foster collaboration with all players across the supply chain and overcome cultural, technological and regulatory hurdles
  • Gain buy-in for blockchain initiatives by understanding its practical application requirements from early adopter use cases
  • Manage organizational change to avoid disruption and prepare for scalability

Download the Full Event Guide here.

Blockchain Association Partner:

“It is important for the industry to be brought together to begin to work towards a consensus of just what a DSCSA blockchain solution should look like. The Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain conference provides an opportunity to further this work.”

Blockchain Expert, Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing

"We are strongly convinced that only a joint approach in the pharmaceutical industry can successfully establish blockchain-based solutions that address needs like the prevention of counterfeiting. We are optimistic that this event can play a major role in establishing such a joint approach.”

Founder CryprotrACE, Merck KGaA

Media Partner